Bow your head in gratitude, said the yoga teacher. Opening my eyes on Bali’s volcano, Agung. I was getting filled with pure morning light.  The perfect way to start the day.


 A combination of stretching and slow movements that in the end felt much stronger then he power power power yoga we ‘re used to in Europe or Australia. 

Chiara, the yoga teacher is filled with Love and gratitude and she makes the morning light shine through you. We saluted the moon, the dark side and the light, because it prevented her from sleeping. We greeted her by chanting a mantra, hoping she would let her sleep tonight.

We chanted the mantra of gratitude, thanked mother earth and every single part of our body, massaged our inner organs and with a liquid body inhaled light and exhaled pushing out all that we had to let go.

We inhaled like condors, spreading our wings high up to the sky, flying over the earth to land brand new, for a new start, in this new light, for a new day. 

Thank you Chiara ❤️💋

Leather in Ubud

Nice clothes and leather accessories in Ubud.



Relax your mind, indulge your soul; is the motto of Boreh Pijat Salon & Spa. 


Boreh is a scrub with a variety of Balinese spices. Start off with a 60 min Balinese massage, a combination of stretching and pressure point to grt rid of any tentions you have in tour body ❤️

The masseuse will then apply the boreh paste all over your relaxed body, you’ll get into the herbal sauna and wait for the boreh to get moist, then they’ll rub the skin vigourously, to get rid of any toxins tour body has been building up.

You’ll take a cold shower and feel like a new person.

Its a unique spa experience.

Price 160,000 IDR

 Book with 


Sleep in and wake up at your own pace. There’s nothing worse then putting an alarm clock on holidays, not to miss breakfast, come on, it really doesn’t matter if you miss it, if you miss it,  its time to treat yourself on a nice brunch. 😃👍

After brunch at Sari organic or Pomegrenata, in the middle of he rice fields, endulge in a nice mid- day spa experience. The temperature at that time of day is too hot anyway. 

Tjampuhan spa or river spa at Tjampuhan hotel, next to Bridges restaurant, has a beautiful setting along the river. You can swim through the current of the river and relax in the sun along the river bench. Its a magical place to read a book. As soon as you get too hot, just jump in the river and enjoy the refreshing feeling and exquisite energy of the river

After river reading, climb up the steps and lie down in the hammam or sauna to sweat out all the toxins your body has been building up.

Followed by a cold shower and some private rejuvenating in one of the several  ice cold baths. While observing the several animal feagures carved in the stone. 

The result is two extremely relaxed smiling faces 😃👍

Entrance: 140,000 IDR

Book now:

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Penestanan is my favorite area in Ubud. Its a place for healing and meditation, meeting interesting and creative people, many expats live in Penestenan; walk up the steps to paradise. 


Bambu spirit, the meeting place of Ubud’s artists and locals alike, offers a delicious sunday buffet. The owner prepares delicious salads with fresh vegetable. Healthy and delicious is what this magical place stands for. Plus the host is warm and welcoming. ❤️

Just up the road is sun flower café. Enjoy a delicious chai with the best spring roll I’ve ever had. Nothing fried, all veggies inside a rice roll. Excellent!

Don’t forget to visit the sound healer, who will rebalance your energy with sound vibrations. 

If you eant to stay in this area:

Made’s warung & guesthouse is a cheap and good local guesthouse and restaurant.

Nirwana villas
is more on the higher end.

Immagine pushing a robust wood Balinese door. Hopping your way over the stone steps leading to your own private pool villa amid Ubud’s lush jungle.

When we arrived at Kamandalu Resort and Spa. The feeling is easily discribed: Waaaaaw! The hotel is giant. The reception lobby has a massive window, that gives straight on the river gliding through the valley below. Rice paddies have been Planter with care. At the far end, you can observe the tip of the swimming pool. 
In a few word:


Very very Big

3 swimming pools

Yoga in the forest



24hrs room service


Ask us for more info and book your 5 days healing in Bali’s rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle today!

Gili Travel Agency, people who design trips with Love and Passion. 

Ideal to combine with 5 days reboot in Gili Air program for a 10 day holiday! – +6281999601058


Super excited I hopped on my bike to join the yogabarn’s sunday dance. I remenbered a few years back, me and my friend Nathalie were breathtaken by these Ubud locals and visitors dancing away on a sunday morning. I love to dance, so on my way I was!
&nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”; alt=””></a>&nbsp;

As I arrived, unfortunately it was fully booked. I asked politely :
“Miss, can I peek in and make a small video of the dansing feet for my travel blog?”
Then the woman answered:
“Absolutely not, as of respecting the privacy of the people dancing, there is no way you can.”
Right. That was it.
I decided to take off.
No really the spirit I was looking for.&nbsp;
They seem to have various classes, healing therapies, massages, …and an ayurvedic rejuvenation center.
Here’s their website.

Ask us for more info and book your 5 days healing in Bali’s rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle today!

Gili Travel Agency, people who design trips with Love and Passion.&nbsp;

Ideal to combine with 5 days reboot in Gili Air program for a 10 day holiday! – +6281999601058

gamelang bali

One of my lovely guests told me: “Julie, when you go to Ubud, you have to go see the sound healer, he is amaaazing!”So off course I did 😀
As he says so well, it is very hard to describe what he does exactly. Whithout a doubt, I would say the same to you:
“Readers, when you go to Ubud, you have to go see the sound healer, he is amaaazing!”
I’ll try to describe how it made me feel.
A warm welcome, a kind heart, silence and beauty. With covered eyes and sound vibration, the sound healer provokes an inner voyage, like no other.
I suddonly found myself walking through a massive jungle with a pink silk blindfold. On my path. Remembering why I was here, what was actually my path. For once leaving all the rest aside.
Every sound surrounding me, seemed to come out of this lush jungle. Transporting me into another dimension.
Carefully walking barefoot through my personal jungle.
Just to find clarity and feel extremely connected to my mother. Filled with the strongest love of all.
Aware of the fear I had towards some relationships. The fear of being hurt or abandoned.
Agnowledging all these things in one session is impressive.
Then I felt propulsed into the air, as a bright shining light was shining out of ny belly button up towards the sky. On top of the jungle towards the sky. 😀 I felt as if I was healing and letting it all go.
Then ideas started flowing through my brain. The never ending creative voice in my mind.
The most beautiful part was when I opened my eyes. After I explained all of this. The healer said.

Are you sure you managed to let go? 😀 I answered, Yes. 😀 After which he shared my spleen was overheating with my never ending meaningless thiking. Haha True words.

He said: “Julie, you need to rest.”
I said:”Yes, but its nice, creative and constructive.”
He said:”Julie, Slow down, and creativity and constructivity will be much more efficient.”
Bravo! Bravo! Amazing Sound healer with marvellous insight ❤️
I strongly suggest you to discover how your sound <b>healing experience </b>will go. One of the best <b>spiritual experiences </b>of my life!

Plus only the beautifull hug at the end is worth the detour! :)
Ask us for more info and book your <b>5 days healing in Bali’s rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle today!</b>
Gili Travel Agency, people who design trips with Love and Passion.
Ideal to combine with <b>5 days reboot in Gili Air program for a 10 day holiday!</b>
<b> – – +6281999601058</b>


Just give Wayan a call.


He’ll drop it off and pick it up.

If you’re coming from Gili, he can meet you at coco market. Where the shuttle drops you off.

Book now:  5 days healing experience amid the Balinese rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle.


Ubud is known to be THE place to practice yoga, meditation, get enlightened and heal. 

Yes, off course we agree. Thats exactly what the name stands for and it is.

Unfortunately too much tourism, kills the tourism. 

A few years ago, the Yogabarn was THE place to be. I’m affraid today it has lost some of its original charms in my opinion.

A friend of mine, quiet the introvert went to Ubud and pointed me into another direction. He said:

“Julie, send people to Intuitive Flow, its a beautiful studio, surrounded with glass windows with stunning views of the Kintamani vulcano, franchipani tempel trees and it still has a family feeling.”

Here it is guys!
Intuitive flow! The new place to be for yoga in ubud.

Drive past bridges restaurant and before Bintang supermarket there is a taxi sign. Park your motorbike. Walk up the steps in front of hotel Campuhan. Then just follow the signs.

Don’t miss out on Yellow flower café and Bamboo Spirit!


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