tarte au citronEasy, quick & delicious, like we love it!
1/ puff pastry
2/ on top :
100 gr of butter
150 gr of sugar (I use less – 100gr)
100 gr powdered (skinned) almonds (optional)
3 eggs
2 bio lemons

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Fly through Lucerne’s Carnival with a Picture Selection on Facebook or Picasa Google+.

Carnival LucerneCarnival is for many Lucerners the best time of the year. Absolutely EVERYBODY is dressed up in a Fancy Dress! Common scenarios are A Defile of Pink and Purple Bunnies, that are exchanging thoughts about Politics with  Super Mario and Luigi, who have been making out with two Kincky- cops and are now surrounded by Seven Yellow Bananas. All the while a wall of Trumpeting Carnival Musicians (Guggenmusigen) are animating the Giant Dinausaurs’ Parade, that is being pushed forward by a Giant Headed King. Ha Ha! Read More

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Fly through Melchsee- Frutt’s SkiDomain and Goa Party Location through a Picture Selection on Facebook  or Picasa Google+ (More Pics after the Party)


I have to say after four years of Island Hopping, I was kind of looking forward to one of those Cold Snowy Belgian Winters. I’d heard several stories from my friends and family the past four years. Unfortunately, we are now in March and the only snow I’ve seen in Belgium, was on a dark night of december and I was peeking through my bedside window.  Lazy me, I didn’t even bother to jump in my boots and go for a snowy midnight walk with the dog, thinking there was certainly more snow to come. To Bad, because I love those night walks so much, especially in the snow. There’s something romantic about them. The dark black clouds sliding over the almost Misty Full Moon. The bright light, illuminating the snowy streets. The snow crunching under the sole of my boots. The dog going crazy, sniffing away any animal trails in the powder snow. Read More


Start your morning at Brussels’ Grand Place, Brussels’ most famous square. This UNESCO World Heritage site is Belgium’s most memorable landmark. You’ll be astonished by the beauty of the historical monuments. The architecture is particularly old and it reflects a Gothic- Baroque style, which was popular in the 17th and 18th century. My personal favorite are the roofs, made of steps guiding you to the sky; and the window frames where the artist especially had an eye for curving details. In the weekend’s, the square fills up with local painters and artisans; at night its surrounded by bright lumination; some evenings a stunning music and light show is projected on the Grand Place’s buildings. My favorite piece is the Golden little man dancing on top of one of the buildings. Every two years, in August, the centre cobblestoned square is covered with a colorful Flower Carpet. One of Belgian’s most famous event.

Have a “Gaufre de Liege” for breakfast, a crunchy Belgian waffle with powdered sugar; before visiting Belgium’s Chocolate or Beer museum.

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I really don’t like writing bad reviews. I picked up this book in the shelf, just to know what all the fuss was about and make my own opinion. 

I was, I have to say quiet intrigued by the spiced up erotica of the book… In the beginning. Its a bit repetitive and the main character is very blown up. Read More

migaloo breaching white whaleI’m standing on the bow of this massive Australian Catamaran, that’s taking me from Cairns to Australia‘s Great Barrier Reef. My inside is on fire! I mean WAw! I’m on my way to THE Great Barrier Reef!! As a Scuba Instructor, for sure this was on the top of the bucket- list! The wind is gliding through my hair, as I rock up and down with the waves. As I try to find my balance over these rocking waves, my hands are tightened around the safety rail surrounding the boat. I can see the eyes of the fellow passengers, that just like mine, are filled with excitement and a pinch of fear. While the water is splashing on both sides of the boat. The crew is jumping up and down with the kids. SeaStar Cruises is definitely a company to remember! A crew that’s clearly having fun and spreading the joy! ♥

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Music from the land down under… I think you’ve all heard this song before… :)

After hitch- hiking for over 1000 K’s, I reaaaaally didn’t feel like talking anymore. When I jumped into Garry’s truck, he asked me: “Do you like music?”

I answered: “I LOVe music!” Read More


Scott, Katie, Dakota and Chypsy

The last person to pick me up hitch- hiking to Airlie Beach was Scott. He had three big dogs in the back of his truck… Turned out he’d just been Wild Pig Hunting in the Sugar Cane Fields… I asked Scott, if next time I could join him. Scott was true to his word  and took me Wild Pig Hunting between Makay and Proserpine, on Australia’s East Coast. In the Pitch Black Night… The three main hunters were Katie, Dacota and Chipsy, his three brave dogs. :)  Read More

Magnums Youth HostelAirlie Beach is a popular Australian coast town, that’s often used as a Jumping- off point to visit Australia’s Whitsunday’s and the Great Barrier Reef. The town is lovely. Not too big, not too small. Packed with travellers, hopping on the big boats to visit the Great Barrier Reef and shaking their asses at night to the life music… Read More

The dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun… And the realists… Well without the dreamers… They might not ever get off the ground… Modern Family



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